Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Maple Holistic's tea tree shampoo review

Hey guy's! I know its been awhile since I posted but I wanted to share with you a new product I recently got to try. I was contacted by Maple Holistics  to try out one of their shampoos . I'm always up for trying out new hair products so I jumped at the chance . The shampoo I tried out was their tea tree oil formula shampoo . I've read about tea tree oil before and heard its great for hair. It also has great benefits for scalp health which I could definitely use with all I put my hair through .

I decided to give it a few weeks worth of a test to see how it really held up . It is a little different from regular shampoo as you have to let it sit on your hair for 2 minutes but it was not a big deal. After a few weeks of using it I really did notice a difference in my scalp it seemed lighter and cleaner and whenever I used this shampoo my hair felt so soft after . If you bleach your hair often like I do you will know soft hair isn't always a feeling you know lol . The only downfall I did notice was it did take a decent amount of color out of my hair with each wash . But i do have semi permanent dyed hair so this is a struggle I have with most shampoos. I'm sure if you have regular dyed hair you will be fine with this stuff.  The best part for you guy's reading is they have a free sample program so you can try them out as well ! Just click here for the link .

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Dove detox and purify dry shampoo review

I got another box from influenster the other week to try out .
This one is a new Dove dry shampoo called detox and purify .
If you read my blog you know I live by dry shampoo .
Having bright semi permanent colored hair is difficult to maintain while trying to keep your hair clean .

Let me just say I've already used half the can already lol.
Its easy to use, smells brilliant and most of all works really well throughout the day. Also it doesn't leave any white residue to show up on dark colored hair. All you do is shake the can , spray, massage into hair and then brush through . I think the detox factor in this new one really helps with getting clean hair without the shampoo  and damage .

Here's a photo of my hair after using it .
(ignore my roots coming in )

Disclaimer : I was sent this product for free to try out but all opinions stated above are my own.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Zzz Quil box review

So just after I got to try my last box from influenster I got an email saying I was in for the Zzz Quil box next .

I've always had a hard time sleeping probably for more than 10 years now. The reasons range from insomnia ,stress , and anxiety . I've used many over the counter and prescription things as well as natural so I was excited to try this one out. 

ZzzQuill is  marketed just for sleep not for colds or pain .
I got a mini sample pack and a coupon for $2 off a full size box as well.
The night I decided to try it out I made sure to take it about 45 min before I wanted to go to sleep just to be sure it had time to kick in. I took it and headed to bed for what I hoped to be a great nights sleep . Two and a half hours later I was still awake , not even about to fall asleep . I finally was able to fall asleep three hours after taking it . I didn't feel groggy or anything in the morning so I consider that a plus. 

Overall It just didn't work for me . If you haven't tried many things this might work for you but it just wasn't strong enough for me.

I was sent this item for free to try , all my opinions stated are my own.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Tresemme reverse your routine review

(sorry for the bad photo)

I'm always excited when I get a new influenster box to try out and since dealing with my hair is a never ending battle I was excited to try this one out.

I was sent a pretty big bottle of shampoo and conditioner from Tresemme  .
This line has the #reverseyourroutine , this means you use the conditioner first then shampoo.

My hair is bleached and colored so its usually pretty hard to brush out without the conditioner so I was a little worried my hair would be a mess when finishing with shampoo. I was actually pretty surprised it wasn't such a mess when I was done . Also after it was brushed and dried my hair actually felt really soft .

For me there was a big downside which happens with most shampoos , this did take a lot of color out of my hair. Take in mind my hair is dyed bright purple and until they make a permanent color like this I'll always have trouble with most shampoos . If your hair is dyed a normal color you shouldn't have any issues with that.  

So the method to this madness is that conditioner weighs your hair down leaving less volume in your hair so they switched it up. I did notice right away that my hair felt a lot lighter then usual but unfortunately it didn't add any volume like I had hoped .

I received these products for free for testing purposes all opinions are my own.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Fantasy festival lineup Fauxchella

Summer is now upon us and it's time for all the festivals that come about. It's been quite awhile since I've been able to attend one , so when I was asked to come up with my dream festival lineup I jumped on board.

Tickpick where you can find concert and and sports tickets are sponsoring this fauxchella campaign . You can check out more blog lineups on their twitter.

Most of my favorite bands don't usually play together so for my fauxchella lineup I picked a bunch of my favorites.

First up Deftones : They have been one of my favorite bands since I was a teenager and have still not yet seen them live.

Minus the bear : was one of the bands my best friend put me onto and I know we would both love to see them live.

The killers: Need I say more they have a fun energy for live music .

Lana Del Ray: The queen of everything I think her sound is perfect for an outdoor summer vibe.

Nine Inch Nails : is another long time favorite I've been dying to see.

Radiohead : Would be the perfect night act to chill out after a long day in the sun.

The white stripes:  The fun energy and I just love Jack White!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Vox Box glam box review

So excited to share with you the new box I got from Influenster . I really love the beauty boxes so I was excited to get the newest one the glam box .

First up are the shea moisture  raw shea butter facial skin care collection .

I love a good face mask so I decided to try that one first in the bath. I wasn't a big fan of the smell but I don't like highly scented things in general . I went ahead and left it on my face for the given time. When I washed it off my face felt super soft and not tight which most masks leave my face feeling. I really wanted wanted to love this but the next day my skin broke out . I tend to have sensitive skin so I'm sure most of you won't have that reaction . 

Next up are the Q-tip precision tips. Some of the suggestions are you can use them to blend your eye shadow but since I have a plethora of brushes I decided to use them on my nails. It was great to clean up the sides of your nails after painting them because of the pointy tips. Just dip them in nail polish remover and carefully swipe them over the nail polish you got on your fingers. These will really come in handy . I can also see them coming in handy to clean up lipstick smudges .

Next was the disposable Venus razors and Venus with a touch of Olay shave cream.
These razors were really great I only knicked myself once lol and got a smooth shave .My shaving cream on the other hand had a defective spout so I only managed to get a little bit out. The amount I did get out though left my legs really soft which just made it more disappointing I couldn't get anymore out lol.

Then there were the Cutex nail polish remover pads . I had never tried any nail polish remover pads so I was excited to use them . I had on dark purple nail polish so I was worried it wouldn't work but I managed to get off all my nail polish with just one pad . I would call these a win and great for traveling as well since they fit easily into your purse .

Lastly the much anticipated product to try was Not Your Mother's Dry shampoo. Because of my hair color I use dry shampoo very often. I have tried a bunch of different brands in all price ranges so I was looking forward to trying this one . Granted my hair was on its 3rd day since I was working I went ahead and tried it . It wasn't scented at all which was great and it didn't leave my hair stiff like some can. Also no white color to it at all . It did make my hair look much less greasy but the staying power wasn't to great . I imagine on day two it would have lasted longer .I'll be trying it again soon since its a great price and seems to work well.

All the products I received were free but all my opinions were my own .

Friday, January 15, 2016

Valentine's day cards for the creepy couple

If your like me you can never seem to find the right Valentine's day card in the store . They are usually much to mushy or way to generic . Since I started my own stationery line I decided to conquer this issue head on. I came out with two cards just perfect for the not so average Valentine in your life.

Also I'm having a special today buy any 3 cards get one free , no code needed just mention in the note to seller what card you want free. Click on the picture to take you to the card you like .
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