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Origins charcoal honey mask review

Hey guys! I'm back for another review . Influenster sent me another box to try out and I was really excited about this one because it's from one of my favorite brands Origins . I had already tried their other charcoal mask and really enjoyed it and I saw a lot of hype going on about the new honey charcoal mask. We just moved up to Pennsylvania about 3 weeks ago now and the environment change and all the work around the house was taking a big toll on my skin. Because of this I wasted no time in taking this out of the box and trying it out.  The charcoal honey mask  is meant as a gentle detox mask for a deep and comfortable clean. It also doesn't include parabens and is made with cruelty free honey and beeswax.

Let's dig in then shall we?  There was no exact time to leave it on for the directions just said till it dries. It actually dried pretty quickly for most masks I've tried. The smell is very earthy and not the most pleasant smell but it also wasn't horrible or …

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