Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Urban Decay electric palette coming soon!

I got wind of this palette last month and since its finally confirmed and coming out next week I wanted to post about it . I currently have and love the Urban Decay naked 1 palette , I use it as part of my daily routine when I'm in a hurry or don't feel like going bold that day .
I also recently got Naked 2 but I don't love it at all , Its to muddy on my skin tone but looks great on others and in the pan . So my gift card for that return will be going toward this when sephora releases it .

It's set to release on March 18th on Urban Decay .com , not sure when its coming out from sephora but I'll be on the look out and update with swatches and looks when i get this .

Anybody else excited for this release ? Any other palettes or new spring item your looking foward to? 

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Dresses for spring , is winter over yet

I am done with snow! I normally am not a summer person but since I have started working out again I'm really looking forward to nice weather so i can take it outside . I thought I would do a post of some fun spring dresses to help get you guys out of this winter frame of mind.

Image credit found here 

Oh Oscar de la Renta how I wish I could afford you . I can think of all the tea parties I would host just to wear this number . Now since this is not on your regular budget lets move on to some stuff we can afford .

breathtaking belle dress in mint 
Lovely as lavender dress 

Thank you modcloth! for making some many pretty pastel lace dresses your killing my wallet lol
This pretty purple can also go toward the 2014 color of the year orchid.

This flower number from Asos  , reminds me of Kelly from saved by the bell and who doesn't love that!

This last one if from a new brand I have discovered and they are located in australia so if you don't mind paying the shipping you need to check out Wheels and Dollbaby.
These are some of the most amazing dresses I have ever seen . I'm going to need to treat myself to one after my diet ends !

This last one i could just die Wheels and Dollbaby please send me a dress lol 
Enjoy! Let me now if your doing any spring posts I'll come check it out.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tarte foundation brush vs Beauty Blender

Let's talk foundation today , For the past year I have been hearing about this beauty blender sponge that it's some sort of magic device to make your foundation perfect . I have used regular makeup sponges in the past but they waste so much makeup sucking it into the sponge. I figured since this beauty blender is super popular that it didn't do the same . I got lucky and ordered a glossy box and got a beauty blender inside .

I got the white beauty blender  in my glossy box and got to try it out the other day .
I was highly unimpressed , you have to use so much more foundation again the sponge sucks it up and although it blends easily it just doesn't get you far . The coverage isn't as great as a foundation brush will get you . I ended up having to finish the job with my tarte brush as i was getting frustrated. Also its very drying i heard you can wet the sponge but it gives your makeup a more light cover while doing so which i wasn't really into . Here is a picture of me when i used the beauty blender .

Next up is the Tarte airbrush finish bamboo foundation brush .

I found this on the sephora beauty forums and I am so glad I did ! This folks is the holy grail of foundation brushes . Let me first say i have used  high end brand regular foundation brushes before and they did work great but I really hated the feeling of literally painting my face on . Most of those brushes look just like a paint brush lol . I used this brush right away and instantly fell in love . It's great for one because it's easy , I imagine if you have never before used a makeup brush you could just pick this up and go to work. Its fluffy and soft and makes your makeup go a long way . Using less foundation but still getting the covered look . It blends right into your skin so no lines and having to use your fingers to blend out after . I also imagine you can use this for powder when cleaned . It's $32 which may seem steep to some of you but this one is a great investment in your face lol 
Here's a photo of me using this brush, there may not seem like a huge difference but in person i could definitely tell . You can buy both these items at sephora if you want to rack up your points!

If you have any questions I can help with leave me a comment . Thanks for reading!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Sugar pill haul and look

Two weeks ago  Sugar Pill had a 20% off sale for its anniversary , i took this advantage to pick up some new colors . I got mochi pressed powder and absinthe loose shadow . I love them! esp mochi , I was searching for a mint green eyeshadow and was recommended this one . It's not really mint green maybe a mint aqua color but i really love it. 

(pictures from sugar pill website)

I immediately wanted to play around and decided to use them together because why not!
This look was much brighter in person , I really need to get a new digital camera the iphone is not cutting it for makeup shots. I also used ardell lashes in #111 and prestige eyeliner in black.
Also anastasia beverly hills dip brow in chocolate for my brows .

You can find the link to shop for sugar pill in the top right corner .

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Laduree Tea room soho

The day has finally arrived!! Laduree opened up their new tea room in Soho NYC last month, and last week we went to visit . I have been waiting for over a year for them to open so when my best friend informed me they were open (still mad I didn't get an email) I called and made reservations.
I had read the yelp reviews and they mentioned not to go during the weekend due to crowds so I made a 3 o clock appointment for a thursday . Perfect time to go by the way it wasn't over crowded at all and we were seated right away . When you first walk in the door you are greeted by their bakery which you can stop in and pick up pastries on the run . Then there are 3-4 dining rooms we were seating in the brown room . It was pretty and I loved the velvet furniture but next time I'm asking to be seated in the special grand dining room area in the back It's stunning you can google pictures of it very impressive .

This is my favorite part of the Soho Laduree the pastries ! The madison ave laduree only has macarons and chocolates but i have been dying to try the pastries . I only got to try one in london and it was amazing .
Second favorite part is now I can sit down for a fancy tea with my pastries .
Below is what i ordered I forget the name but it was some delicious hazelnut delight! I also got the vanilla tea and only $7 for your own pot not bad at all .
(tiny chocolate served with your tea also delicious )

Our waitress was this sweet little french girl not at all like snooty like the people on yelp had claimed the staff was everyone I  dealt with was super nice . If you're going for brunch or dinner which will be next on my list it is a bit pricey ,but lets be honest people its soho what do you expect lol . We also got some pastries to take home for my mom and her boyfriend and also another for ourselves because why not!
To the left is the chantilly nougatine it's like the most delicious cream puff you have ever had with nuts and caramel on the bottom. The chocolate eclair was kinda a flop it had chocolate filling and way to much chocolate for this house's tastes . Not pictured is the plaisir sucre this my friends is the holy grail of chocolate hazelnut desserts . It's amazing and i recommend you try one if you find yourself at a Laduree . That's all I hope you enjoyed this dose of food porn!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

yes another glossy box review

I'm sure you have read plenty of Glossy Box reviews but I'm going to share mine just in case you haven't lol. I had wanted to order this box for awhile it seemed to have more high end brands that i really like hence the $10 more than birch box price .When i heard there was going to be a beauty blender for January i decided to go for it . I got my box at the end of the month here it is.

The box itself besides being pink is really nice and sturdy I'm a sucker for a nice box , you should see my laduree box collection haha. Here's a list of whats inside ..

Beauty blender : also comes with the cleaner which is nice , always remember to clean your brushes and applicators . I haven't used it yet but I'm excited to I'm going to do a post on beauty blender vs foundation brush next week .

Balance me super toning body wash : I had no idea they made body toning washes i knew they made face toner . I'll probably save this for trips since its travel size .

Bella pierre cosmetic mineral blush : The one actual makeup product i got is just way to harsh and dark of a color for my very fair skin it looks maroon .

Toni &Guy hair meet wardrobe : This is a seal salt texturizing hair spray . I actually tried this it remind s me of the bumble and bumble beach waves spray and its cheaper . I'm not the beach waves type chick but it might be fun to use during summer or when my hair is brown again.

VICHY aqualia thermal rich cream : I was really excited for this my skin is sensitive and dry this winter. After reading the reviews online i decided to hold off on trying this because even though it seems like its water based there' s a lot of chemicals in there and I don't want to aggravate my already sensitive skin .

Overall review , I was glad i ordered this because I did get my beauty blender I so wanted . The rest of the box was kind of a bust . I would have liked more actual makeup and I have read before some other people were unhappy about this . I think for being more then a lot of the other beauty boxes they should tailor it more to what you like . I did like that when i went to cancel it , I could do that online . A lot of other places make you call then they proceed to try and talk you out of it .
I might have stayed signed up if they had the skip a month feature so when you have the extra money you could get it ,if not skip a month . Also they don't charge you on a set day so if you wanted to cancel and forget you might already be billed . I might try this box again if they make any updates and changes to their service .

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Tiny tea final review

I took a little longer to post this but here goes...
For those who didn't read my first post i did the tiny tea 14 day teatox from your tea .
The claims are it helps reduce bloating ,sugar cravings ,good for your skin ,more energy and a bonus you may loose a few pounds . Here is a quick run through of the first few days.

Day 1 i felt really drained and dizzy and really hungry i heard these are signs its starting to work.
Day 2 a little less dizzy and also a killer headache .
Day 3 i got a huge burst of energy
Day 4 dizzy again 
For the rest of the time I didn't see anymore bad side effects but to be honest i felt none of the good ones either . No increased energy or less bloating and definitely didn't have less sugar cravings.

Overall for me it was a big waste of money and this stuff was not cheap. I dieted and exercised during this time which is recommended and nothing   . After i was done i read that apparently this tea doesn't work for everyone which i wish i would have read first but thats my fault .
It seems to have worked for a lot of people so i wouldn't advise against buying it but i would say its a pretty steep price just for a maybe .

Also i should note this review was written by me I was not paid or given this tea for free to try i bought it myself and this is my own review .
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