Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sundays CupCake /Tea party

I would say it was a success it went very well and i booked a job for a wedding in july with a lovely couple. I also got a chance to see some old friends and network a little . Heres some pics

Saturday, April 25, 2009

i wanna quit ..

my regular job im tired of being the only one who actually does work and i get yelled at anyway screw that the $9 and hour doesn't cut it for the crap i deal with. I really wanna bake full time but im going to be smart about it and wait awhile before i quit. Wizard of OZ cookies and cupcakes im doing for a ladies luncheon type deal that should be fun and cute. I wanna do some alice in wonderland ones just for fun but cant seem to find any inspiration for it . Iv been so busy i can hardly breathe but i guess living in this house its good to keep myself busy lol Oh man i keep almost typing busty when im trying to type busy i think its my subconcious telling me to get a boob job . Ok im gunna go start baking for tommrow

i need to learn how to blog

Im not really good at this blogging thing or i should say how to get people to find me lol. Im going to try and update as much as possible.
Iv made 8 sales on etsy so far but iv hit a block so im trying some new tatics , and also craigslist is doing well for local sales im meeting with a potential client for a wedding cupcake tower tommrow.
Im also hosting a tea and cupcake party to promote myself and have everybody try my flavors it should be fun im looking foward to it . Ill post pictures soon of that it should be cute. Im offering sales and specials on mothers day cookies and cupcakes on my etsy as well here are some pics...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Selling on etsy

i finally got my cookies up onto etsy im really excited. They have a great website i cant wait to sell my first item hopefully it will be soon . Im gunna start making cupcake truffles and mini cupcakes covered with fondant icing so i can ship them all over on there as well. The picture above is one of the baskets i made and put up for sale they are all custom lisitngs and made to order. Anybody interested in buying them go to
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