Costco Cupcakes

No this is not a post about those large butter crap topped cakes they call cupcakes they sell at Costco. Trust I'm not putting Costco down just their frosting its that typical cheap fake butter cream crap frosting you get at a bad bakery or food store. Monday my Costco aka the one my dad is the manager at is having a big softball game for memorial day and he asked me to go . Some people are bringing food so i figured hey let me make some Costco/baseball/memorial day themed cupcakes free promotion for me. I mean all three are red and white and two are red white and blue so it works lol. Plus it should be fun to watch some of these people running around trying to play a sport.

This weekend is going to be a pretty crazy weekend i have a baby shower cookie order ,the Costco cupcakes,strawberry sampler,and fathers day idea samples. Saturday i also have to work at my other job and since that job is at a liquor/wine located in Costco is should be packed to the brim with people. Also Monday night I'm going to be checking out a new restaurant Patsy's apparently they have even better fried calamari then Rudy's in Hackensack( which to me is currently one of the best in NJ. Which brings me to another topic sorry i kinda bounce around a lot . I'm going to start doing reviews of restaurants and cupcakes in NJ/NY area. Iv always wanted to do that. According to my mom i started reviewing restaurants at an early age but it was more a review on how nice the bathroom was as opposed to the food lol.

I recently have come to realize something more on the serious side ,there are people in your life that going to piss you off sometimes and your going to disagree with you sometimes but at the end of the day those people are still the ones who make you smile and still the most amazing people you'll ever know. A lot of people have a few of those people in their life ,I on the other hand only have two but I'm very lucky to have them. I'm still pretty young but it seems like as the years go by you kinda weed out the friends and people that arn't good for you and your life.
I just hope one day ill at least have a few people i can call true friends...


  1. I have 4 girls that I know I can count on no matter what. It's a fabulous feeling to know they're there. And the hubs is pretty cool too. Your cupcakes are gorgeous!


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