Dora Cupcakes

Next month is one of my best friends daughters third birthday so of course i was on board for doing a cupcake tower for it. The theme is her favorite Dora the explorer. So last as per usual i was up at 2 am searching for ideas and inspiration although i did see a few sets on flickr of some cute ones most of them didn't look that great. I'm thinking i can pull off something great for this special little girl, I'm really excited for this project it should be fun!

So the other night i mentioned playing with fondant at 2 am well i should do it that late all the time i think they came out great. So cute they are perfect for weddings and baby showers i think. I'm in search of the perfect caramel recipe for a filling inside a cupcake the one i found seems to harden to quickly and burn to easily so till then T'm going to fill my samoas inspired cupcakes with a caramel cream filling instead.


  1. What beautiful cupcakes!!! Do you think you'll blog about how to make some of these? :)

  2. I think i will when i get some free time i can do a tutorial thank you!

  3. I am sure one of those pics of the "bad" Doras was mine. I tried to do a frosting transfer that I have done tons of times with cakes and the surface of a cupcake is just too small. My daughter is currently Dora (really Swiper or Chipeur as he is called here in France) crazed and I was just thinking that it would probably be so much easier to make them with fondant. Looking forward to seeing yours!

  4. aww im sure they weren't yours i think im going to do a few practice rounds with these before the party lol


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