Mothers Day!

was rather nice this year free of the loud mouths and stress of previous years. We took a ride up toward northern NJ close to pa area to some farms and went antiquing .It was such a beautiful day out and while in the Jefferson/ rockaway area of NJ i started to remember an old friend of mine who i hadn't heard from in awhile and how much i actually miss them im still trying to locate them lol.
The restaurant we went to smelled amazing before we walked in but i was highly disappointed by the food i wasn't ready to write them off though, my mother also didn't like her's but i feel like the flavors they used weren't like the ones we were used to in the Spanish /Portuguese food we normally eat. The place was adorable and our waiter although he look twelve was very friendly and sweet. Right next store was another antique store that was quite adorable.
If your ever in Lafayette NJ go to The Chocolate Goat you wont be disappointed there chocolate is amazing and so is this adorable 2 floor house turned store.
On the way home we stopped in my favorite state park type place called wawayanda to snap some pictures . I think i really realized yesterday how much i really need to live somewhere with mountains and trees and nature I'm really not one for suburbia and the city is only fun if your in London lol.


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