Secret Mothers Day sale!

Well first lets start with the title Sunday may 10Th mothers day im doing a surprise 30% off all cupcakes sale so those who follow me which are not many lol will know about this ahead of time!

So another rainy day in nj its suppose to be spring but its so crappy out everyday i just wanna see a little sun maybe it will pep up my mood or get rid of my huge everlasting headache from allergies!
Im taking my mother to this Spanish / Italian restaurant hopefully its good im pretty sure im the only Italian who hates Italian food im definitely a fan of Spanish food.
In honor of mothers day im creating an orange creamsicle cream filled cupcake for my mother and also adding it to my list of flavors.

Im also debuting My little dutchies Cupcake Truffles and a cream filled version of the regular dutichie which is a chocolate nutella cupcake. Since all my cupcakes are named for people and places iv traveled to and met ill tell you a little about the girl who inspired The name Dutchie.
While living in London (the short time i did) i met a amazing group of girls who i adored one of my favorites was a adorable girl from Holland ,who upon first meeting was drinking booze out of a makeshift glass that was a nutella jar . I ended up called her dutchie and while creating new recipes the nutella one was definitely going to have to be named after her!
Thats enough rambling for today though i need to go get ready for my other job
Happy Early Mothers day


  1. Wish I lived there for a moment so I could partake in your yummies! A cupcake with nutella? Heaven!


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