Why must it always rain on my day off

its almost june and i had my winter coat on tonight what the hell , i had the day off and wanted to do something fun but noooo it had to rain and be cold and its going to rain all memorial day weekend! I made some sample cupcakes for two potential clients for a baby shower and christening
they came out cute but i think i could have done better given more time . Its one am and i think im going to go play with fondant lol this is now what i do when i cant sleep. My brain just doesnt wanna stop tonight, the rest of me is tired though. Well heres the sample cupcakes and also the premire of my Nutella cupcake The Dutchie! Night kittens


  1. Could I have one of each please? It's been raining in FLA for days. Ahhhhhhhhh.


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