Designer Drug Carriers and Converse

Sunday was so beautiful out me and my mom decided to take a trip the outlets in tannersvile pa.
It was surprisingly crowded for such a nice day out but apparently everybody wanted to shop.
After torturing myself in the Burberry store i decided to head over to some more torture at coach to my surprise they were having some sort of huge sale and when i walked in the door i was handed a coupon for 10% off my whole order after walking around drooling over the plethora of pretty purses i realized half the store had bags marked 50% off the already marked down price and then another 10% so i grabbed the last one of this simple yet gorgeous bag.

That's when i spotted this little rack of small stuff and asked the lady what this one small box like zipper container was then she opened it! Score it was a get this pill container.
It came with 3 small empty pill bottles frankly i don't think this was made for granny,more like the likes of Paris Hilton hiding her plethora of Colombian exported coke in it.
But for me i could only think of great somewhere to hide my herbal refreshment while traveling.
Don't get me wrong I'm in love and its a great idea but whats next Chanel coke spoons lol.

Before coach i actually ran up to the converse out the main reason for me driving 2 hours when i can just go to the closer outlets in ny. I pretty much live in heels and converse yet complete opposites but i think that reveals allot of what kinda person i am lol.
I got three pairs for only $80 and one pair was only $10.

Lastly we went to that candle place no good candles but the giant barrels of candy for $1.99 a lb were great esp since i found a whole barrel of the colored flavored tootsie rolls i absolutely love the orange ones but you can never find them outside Halloween time or in a bag by themself so i just picked out all the orange ones and just got those lol.


  1. OMG, I adore flavored Tootsie rolls and I am so jealous of our Cons score!


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