Everybody's Cafe

Stroudsburg pa , Sunday after our shopping trip we took some wrong turns on purpose to go exploring and find someplace to eat dinner. I noticed this place called Everybody's Cafe it was so cute and had outdoor seating . We pulled up and went in as i was being seated i decided i was going to do a review of this place. First off the main street of the town was adorable and such cool stores and the local old fashioned looking movie theatre was playing dark side of the moon ,that's my kinda town but right after that was a scary looking country looking ghetto of sorts it was weird.
Our waiter this very geeky younger guy took our drink order and i looked at the menu. They had a huge menu and had all sorts of food Italian style,Greek style,a little Spanish very mixed and they had very diverse prices so it was affordable . I ordered the wings and waffle fries with Cheddar cheese, I'm not normally one to enjoy slightly under cooked fries but they were so good you could barely tell. The wings were not a traditional sauce but had allot more flavor and spices they were very good. My mom go the sliced steak sandwich which she was perfectly cooked and very good.
The dessert menu was 3 pages that's the most iv ever seen lol, thankfully i was stuffed enough just from eating half my food so we didn't order any. This place definitely landed itself in my top favorites its right by the university so if your ever in the area check it out.


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