Free Cupcakes Today Only Contest

I'm creating a new cupcake and i need a willing victim to test ship to. The flavors are going to be chocolate and strawberry and the design is the surprise part . The only catch on here is you have to be a follower so leave a comment tonight / tomorrow morning and ill pick a winner tomorrow so this is a quickie so enter now! Ill contact you for shipping info and let you know you won.
thanks so much and good luck!!


  1. I'll volunteer to be a test victim!! LOL. and I am a follower...and I am leaving a comment. let see...have I covered all the criteria? and just so you know...chocolate and strawberry are my top dessert flavors!

  2. I would love to be a test victim! Your stuff always looks amazing. I follow:)

  3. CRAP I missed out lol Grrr lol...( I had cake yesterday shhhhh) lol I am off to the doctors today *sigh*.... will have to tell you about it lol...
    PS the giveaway is going GREAT~!

  4. Ohio girl good luck at the doctors and i cant wait to see who wins the giveaway , i think im going to enter the one you have going on now

  5. I swear i've gained 5 pounds just from looking at all your yummy creations.

  6. LOL I only have like 5 giveaways going on lol


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