I wish i had one of those grandmothers...

As i walked past the plantains sitting on the table of my grandmothers kitchen today i thought to myself i really wish she would/could teach me some of the dishes she makes. Let me give you some background on me I'm 75% Italian and the rest Filipino ,actually iv come to find out more recently that I'm half and half even though by looking at me you couldn't tell. My father and his mother were born in the Philippines so shes full blooded. From that side of the family i grew up with a lot of Spanish food . I tried when i got older to ask for recipes or to teach me some but she came back with well nothing lol . My other side my mother's mother cant cook she is not the typical old Italian cooking lady she cant cook to save her life . My grandfather was the cook he used to own a deli corner store but sadly he died when i was little . I'm a self taught cook my mother taught me the basics and i made them taste good lol. Still every now and then i would have loved to have learned some of the dishes my grandma and grandpa make/made. When it comes to nationality of cuisine Spanish is my cup of tea i think I'm the only Italian American who doesn't like pasta. I love cooking Spanish food Portuguese food and also Cuban food. If you ever in NJ my recommendations for Portuguese /Spanish food is Segovia in moonachie . Everything there is amazing and unlike most higher priced places you get allot of food . Try the chicken and spinach its amazing and on the low calorie side as well.
My second pick is azcur is jersey city its a Cuban restaurant and cigar lounge great atmosphere live music and amazing food for really great prices.


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