Jordan's Birthday !!

I really must admit I'm not a big kid person ,but i truly love my friends daughter Jordan. She is the cutest little girl i have ever come across in my life and so well behaved ,thanks to her mothers wonderful skills at raising her. I really had such a good time and since i barely get to see my friends anymore it was so nice to see everybody and catch up. As i said in an earlier post i did a small cupcake tower of Dora The Explorer cupcakes. I used edible markers for the first time , i really do not like them lol you have to trace ever so lightly . I was pretty dissapointed by how they turned on but everybody else seemed to love them so guessing it was just me being over critical of myself.
Once the candles went out the cupcakes were attacked ,it mad me so happy to see that and everybody around me making the good food noises we all know about. But i have to say the best part of the day was seeing eat her cupcake then all day keep asking for another one. It was so cute i was so happy they were a success!

On an etsy update note i put allot of new cookies up and a cupcake or two , and iv also started sale of the day . Each day i feature a new item that's on sale. Check it out when you have a minute check my side bar for the link.


  1. I'm starving for cupcakes! Those look so tasty!!

  2. how cool is that~! I wish I was that talented My daughers 3rd BD was Spong bob theme I made cupcakes and did little decoration and added toys to the tops lol... WOW you are so talented~!


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