Laduree Love...

While living in London a friend now ex friend i should say gave me a travel guide before i left. While looking through it one day i saw this picture of these little colorful little cake like things. Then i noticed they were at Harrods one of the places my mom told me i should check out so my ginger friend and i headed over there to try them. Do not go to Harrods on Saturday lol it is a madhouse !
It actually took us awhile to find the place Harrods is so big and its kinda tucked away. We stepped into this cute little shop like room everything was sorta shabby chic pastel tea party themed I loved it. When we got there i discovered these little cakes were called macaroon an no its not the American coconut ball like thing you're thinking of. The boxes alone are amazing they come in soo pretty i tried the praline and the coconut flavored one i think that one is seasonal . They were prefect the best pastry i ever tried so light and delicate with a splash of flavor from the filling inside oh dear , i miss them lol. When i get married who knows when that will be lol i want to give these away as favors i wonder if they do that the only part is importing them or getting somebody to get married over in the UK or even better Paris. I have yet to visit the ones in Paris but when i go I'm going to be making some stops there. My best friend and I are going on a quest soon to find the best version of these french delights in NYC soon so I'll have to do a review on those .


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