Longing for London

There will probably be allot of post like this on my blog,London is my favorite place in the whole world that i have been thus far. The short time i lived there was the best experience iv ever had. I think about it everyday and everyday it seems like a lifetime ago i was just there,kinda like it was all a dream.
The people i met were amazing and the places i went were even better. For my birthday in September I'm sending myself there as a present to myself lol. For some I'm going to give you a mini travel review and guide giving you a few places and picks at a time.

Here's what you all wanna know most SHOPPING!!
London is one of the best places to be for vintage finds.
The prices range from way over priced to practically just a pound.
Brick Lane

This is the entrance are i would say brick lane may be allot of back alleys and shady looking,but they have some of the best shopping found in London.
A few times a year a small vintage shop has this huge sale where you buy a bag
5,10,20 pounds UK money and can fill the whole bag up for that price whatever you can fit.
I would check for signs and ask around i forget the name of the store its kinda hard to find.
Then there is Beyond Retro i love this store its a lil bit more pricey but still reasonable and the selection is huge!
They have locations in London and Sweden .

Covent Garden

This place is so cute this is the market in the picture they have such great shops and if you go back further they have side streets where there is a little artists village and shops.
The stores here are on the higher priced sides but they have markets and street vendors with great priced finds as well they are also home to one of my cupcake inspirations!
Candy Cakes

Sadly i never got to try them none of the flavors really interested me at the time .
When i go for my birthday I'll be going there for sure,you can order them online if your in the UK.

The best part of London for me was getting to see this on my midnight strolls over the bridge.

Ill be back soon....


  1. WANT TO GO. One of these days I'll tear myself away from the little man and the hubs and I will make our European dreams come true.

  2. It's nice to hear of someone that LOVES London. My sister didn't care for it, but I thought she was just biased. :-P Thanks for tips, and the positive perspective!! And your pictures are lovely!

  3. i didn't take those pics lol, but i plan on taking a ton when i go now that i have a good camera. How can you not love it lol, its amazing .


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