Tim Burton Does Alice in Wonderland

I have been a Tim Burton fan ,well i guess since pee wees big adventure but he really got me with Beetle juice and Edward scissor hands they were my favorite movies when i was little and still are.
Iv loved almost all his movies except for Sweeney Todd and trust me its hard for me to hate anything with Johnny Depp and Tim Burton involved . To this day i insist the best Batmans are not that bull they try and pass off as Batman these days but the ones Tim Burton did.
Two years ago i heard he was doing alice in wonderland one of my favorite childhood stories but not only that but Johnny Depp was going to play the mad hatter . I have wanted to see it since its still not coming out for another year but i assure you i will be there opening day.
The only downside is he of course cast his wife to play the red queen or queen of hearts, i despise Helena Bonham Carter i really don't know why i just can't stand her . But here's the topper Alan Rickman is going to play the hookah smoking caterpillar(my favorite character). I love him he's great ,and Anne Hathaway is going to play the white queen shes amazing I think she's amazing.
Is it 2010 yet??


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