Artist Spotlight .. Art on Bags

I have the pleasure of knowing this particular artist in person lol.
I'll tell you a little story, Back in the day (7 years ago lol) i went to a pre- College art program at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn NY.

They roomed with me with this adorably sweet and funny girl from Washington Dc named Maya. She was an amazing artist and a great girl as well.
Fast forward 7 years i found her on facebook through another friend who went to Pratt.
She is now selling these custom painted tote bags which are absolutely amazing.
Her and her cousin make and sell them online.
Totes Def Totes
You should really check these out she can pretty much put anything you like on a tote I'm already planning my order when i get some extra money.
I'll be updating you on these and her business again later on.

I love the snoop one lol.


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