Brooklyn for The Fourth

So i ventured over the bridge this past weekend for the fourth of July to stay with my two best friends.
Lets Just say the highlight was the shopping lol!

I got this cute red and grey polka dot cardigan($22.00 on sale) and the yellow beret($12 ) at :
Brooklyn Industries

Then we checked out some vintage stores the first one was perfect great prices and older stuff and great find i got that red plaid ruffle shirt from the 70's there for only $15. We went to another one but it was all 80's stuff and way to over priced.

The light weight cream scarf($18) and coral sunglasses ($12) came from my new favorite store its like etsy meets anthopolgie and better yet the girls that work there so sweet i even got some great tattoo place names from the girl who rung me up .
That's stores called Flirt.
They are on fifth ave in Brooklyn check them out !
Website for

The Dresses!
I've been on the hunt for a floral tea party like dress for when i cater weddings and just cause i want one! lol. I really wanted a vintage one but never could find the right one.
While shopping i literally stopped in my tracks to look at the first dress it was perfect!
We went in but they were closing so we went back Sunday morning so i took a look at the price tag $249 as much as i would love to have that kinda money lying around to drop i don't lol.
I'm still starting my own business so i was sad to say i couldn't get it.
The day before we had seen another dress i liked so i went to go try it on it looked great and was on sale for $76 . The store had some great stuff and some okay stuff the only complaint i had was the staff they were kinda that snobby retail staff that i really hate lol.
That store is called Lucia.

Also another great part of the weekend was this baby girl phebes .
Shes half boxer and half pit bull she's such a sweetie i love her!


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