Calling all new artists or anyone looking for promoting!!

I'm doing a bridal convention in mid august and I'm making goody bags i had a great idea when i was reading an article in the etsy news letter about helping and promoting each other.
So I'm looking for people who wanna add samples with their business cards or logos attached to the gift bags I'm going to be making little cookie boxes to give out to go in the bags.
This is a great idea to get big orders and sales there will be over a hundred brides and potential future brides. I'll pay for shipping on them or a very low price to cover some costs cause i know its tough starting out.
Also I'm doing a door prize box I'm looking for a new seller who makes bird cage veils i think that would be a great addition to the box and I'll also add your business cards to the bags.
That I'm willing to pay a little more for.
If anybody is interested leave me a comment on here or email me at
Id especially love to hear from new shops and sellers id really love to help boost your sales!


  1. That is a fantastic idea! Alas, my products are not wedding oriented (oil and acrylic abstracts). I do hope that people take you up on this offer - it's great!


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