Crazy Owl Lady

So we all have heard of the crazy cat lady, well one day I'll be the crazy owl lady .
Since i can remember i have always loved owls, my mom told me my love for owls came from the painting below when i first started talking.
I pretty much want a whole house full of owl items the cute ones though there are plenty of ugly and weird ones out there as well.
Thank god I'm not single and hopefully won't when I'm older cause if i was a guy and i walked into a girls house with owl stuff everywhere i would run.
Below is my small collection thus far if you make anything owl related let me know!


  1. Aww, but they're cute owls! No one can deny those big eyes.

  2. I completely understand! I am obsessed with owls and peacocks!

  3. I also love peacocks as well iv been trying to find the perfect peacock necklace for the longest time. lol

  4. Hey I am just stopping by to thank you for following my blog! I adore that you collect owl things, my Grandma has collected owls ever since I can remember, and whenever I see one I think of her! They are such enchanting birds!
    Thanks again, and Ill definitely stop by again sometime soon!


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