Escape to Bear Mountain

After my long week and the wedding i did on Saturday i decided to take a Sunday drive/shopping trip to some town in NY state my aunt had told me about.
She said it was this great cute little town with vintage shops.
I forget the name but its next to sleepy hollow, well lets just say this town was a bust!
The vintage shops were over priced antique furniture stores with ugly mod furniture from the sixties i could have found at a yard sale for wayyy cheaper.
We (me and my road trip partner my mother) spent about ten minutes there then headed over to sleepy hollow honestly just because lol.
It was pretty cute the cemetery was huge and old wish i could have taken pics,i love old cemeteries.
We went way to far and ended up in god knows where far far away from any town or highway iv ever been. I felt like i went through a black hole people claim to have gone through where they end up in another country all of a sudden lol.
I saw a sign for Bear mountain which i had seen driving up there why not lets try it.
It took us up this huge beautiful mountain where you could see the whole mountain range then back down the mountain and hey look a sign for nj! Woo Hoo i win!
None the less it was a beautiful day and im glad i found that place.

On another note the wedding i did Saturday i got a lovely email from the wonderful bride telling me how much she liked everything, the only thing is i never got to take pics of all my hard work because the reception was in a crypt type lighted lounge lol.
I'm really hoping she had the professional photographer there as well because I could really use more pics for my portfolio .

On a happy note i just added my famous Fancy Lady Gourmet Chocolate chip cookies and for $16 for 2dozen and $30 for4 dozen you can't beat that check them out !


  1. YUMMY! I love to make cookies myself! I have about 100 cookie cutters to! I have my eye on the white choco cherry truffle. How long does it take to ship/recieve?

  2. They go out 2 day shipping so 2 days 3 if the mail is being a pain . I actually have an order for them on monday if you would like since im already making them i can give you a discount and it would be $25 for 2 dozen and that includes shipping as well let me know and i can put up a custom listing


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