Fire works....

I'm pretty sure I'm the only person i know who hates fireworks.
Yes i know your saying who hates fire works??? lol
It started when i was little i pretty much hated all loud noises ,when i got older it never changed.
4Th of July is probably my least favorite holiday almost all because of that.
So i warn now this blog today is just me ranting about random things before I go away this weekend . So since this rain crap that has been going on iv had a constant migraine for the whole time almost 2 months now. Today my day off from baking i took to relax before i leave I'm in terrible pain esp right now the computer screen is probably not helping but oh well.
So today i planned a day to catch up on my blog update my website organize orders do laundry and relax . But as per usual five minutes into it the feeling of doing nothing is already bothering me lol. When I'm super busy i can't wait for a break then when i have nothing to do i long to busy again my brain will never win lol.
This weekend I'm taking a min vacation to Brooklyn to stay with friends I'm really looking forward to it because i never see my friends these days and hopefully we will be having some fun adventures. I'll be sure to post pics when i get back. Also theres some baking stores i wanna check out while I'm there and get some fun new supplies at.
Enough ranting for the night for those of you who enjoy the holiday have a great weekend ill be back next week. Have fun Kittens


  1. ha! another fashion designer who's into baking!
    I think we have a lot in common:)
    Have a nice holiday...

  2. Wow, I have never meet anybody who hates fireworks. I hope your 4th wasn't too bad.

  3. Actually my brother hates fireworks for all the same reasons! Though he is quite unusual and quirky... lol Don't worry though, everyone has their likes and dislikes ^_^


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