Is it just me or does anyone get sucked into that show house.
It seems to make me think way to much,some of the episodes are nuts.
If i start watching I'm completely sucked in lol.
Then Dr. House himself his character is definitely the kinda guy i would fall in love with.
Damaged goods asshole Type, Hugh Laurie Amazing!
He's so good looking for an older man and hes British in real life it just makes him more amazing.
I still can't get over how he can put on such a good "American" accent.
I'm not a big tv watcher esp these days i rarely ever watch it but i do love house lol.


  1. I've only seen one episode with a friend of mine. I couldn't really get into it, but I hear the show has a lot of viewers, so it must have some sort of appeal. :) Though, I am like you, I don't watch television whenever I can avoid it, haha.


  2. um, i LOVE house!!!!! i started watching it recently and already caught up with all the seaasons. haha. it was a sad day when i had no more house to watch.. but it was inevitable since my bf and i would watch like, 5 episodes at a time. it's addicting. i can't wait for next season!



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