I miss Lucifer...

I've been reading allot of blogs lately and seeing stories on pets, I love animals i always have since i was little and ive had all sorts of pets but one stands out.
I had allot of cats i had dazzlin my first shy little persian baby who only liked me,then mary jane the tiny tailless runt gray kitty who died tragically only 3 days after having her,brody the crazy kitten who liked other boys and then there was my baby lucifer.
He had several names and was special from the start, I was shown a picture of 8 kittens all short haired calico and right it the middle was this fluffly black and white ball.
I want him i couldnt even see his face but when they brought him to me i knew he was the one.
Out of the whole litter of calicos he was the only one from a different father i didn't find out cats could do that till recently he was a maine coon cat.
Also the old school kind he had an extra toe on his front paws so it looked like he had mittens!
The lady who brought him said it was a girl but im like listen this cat has balls he is not a girl!
So his first name was chester which didn't stick then rooster(dont ask) then butterstufff (stoner friends) then lastly Lucifer. He was in no way a real devil he loved everybody but one guy i dated and he was a big cuddler he would always wanna sleep on my pillow in my face and he snored and would vibrate my bed not fun!
But i loved him he was my favorite pet i ever had and the closest thing i'll ever have to a son lol.
I had him for almost six years....
When we had to sell the house nobody could take him and i couldnt take him where i had to move so they brought him to the animal shelter. It was one of the rare times i actually cried.
I still miss him and wonder what ever happend to him.
My boyfriend actually has cats and tells me they can be mine to but its not the same,someday id like to get another kitty of my own.
I know this is a random long drawn on blog thats pretty lame but i wanted to get that out iv been thinking about him lately
Theres a pic at the top kinda blurry from a cam phone his eyes were green but at random times they would go all jet black i guess he had to live up to his name sometimes lol


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