I want a pet Hedgehog

Since i had to move in here and had to get rid of my baby love of my life kitty Lucifer I've been feeling the need to get a new pet. I'm a huge animal lover and have always had pets around,this is the longest iv gone without one. I've had dogs ,cats,rabbits,frogs,turtles,hermit crabs,fish,birds and a stray mouse or two. I would really love a snake but one i don't have the room or money for the one i want(green tree python). Iv considered allot of options on the smaller side since i can't have a dog or cat here. I want something i can really play with and have a personality unlike a mouse or hamster. Then i remembered being at the pet store awhile back and seeing a hedgehog. So awake at 2:30 am i researched them,they are so adorable and actually make great pets. They are really easy to care for and best part it would be awake with me at 2:30 am lol. When i get some extra money I've decided to get one or maybe i can convince someone to get me on for my birthday! I know its cliche but i really wanna name him sonic ,or maybe James lol. James the hedgehog!


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