New and Feature Item Candy Coated Cupcakes

So i saw a similar idea in a wedding magazine with just plain white chocolate and i loved it and also what a great idea to ship real frosting with it getting all over the place .
I think i may end of doing a tutorial on these .
They are just so cute idea, i test shipped these to the last minute giveaway winner and they showed up in tact.
So here they are :

Sorry for the bad pic and they are a bit messy looking i was in a rush doing them.
You can pick the flavors of the cake ,frosting,and chocolate coating.
They are for sale in my shop for $17.99
I'm offering a special price for all my blog followers of $15.99
so convo me on etsy before purchase and ill change the price.

Also new cookies


  1. Gosh everything looks soooooooooo good ...Monday a few of my other Giveaways end I can't wait to see who wins them...How have you been?

  2. aww thank you i'v been good busy but good lol how are you doing?


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