The Petite Cafe Cupcake Review

So randomly my dad called me up on my rainy day off and asked if i wanted to go check out this cupcake place then go get the supplies to make our cupcake tower project .
We head over to The Petite Cafe in Nutley NJ.
I was immediately not impressed , I really hate non cute generic looking cupcake stores.
They don't have to have bows or flowers or any of that , just make it more personal and like that put some effort into it. It looks like the typical nj bakery blah and boring and it even shares the doorway with a Thai food place.
We go in they had a large variety of cupcakes they looked tasty.
Me and my dad both got a peanut butter one which i was sad to find didn't have chocolate cake lol.
Then i got a canoli one and he got an Oreo.
He immediately ate his i waited till i got him, all of a sudden the king of Costco(as i call him)was a cupcake connoisseur lol.
He said "the cake is very moist but the frosting tastes like it came out of the can from the food store then proceeded to go on about it for another minute.
Yours are much better than this such a waste of $12 he said lol.
When i got home i cut them both in half which resulted in them falling apart.
Its good to have a moist cupcake but not to this point ,he was right on ball about the peanut butter one the frosting tasted like it was from a can. Now don't get me wrong that frosting is good but honestly its not in my opinion what a from scratch cupcake should taste like.
The canoli frosting was good but he canoli filling was weird tasting and when your Italian(only half) and from nj you know what a real canoli should taste like.
Over all i didn't like the place the cupcakes were good but not spectacular esp for the price and the atmosphere and package was very disappointed.
In my opinion sweet ave bake shop is the best thus far which i have tasted and I'm not a vegan so right there says a lot.

Cupcake tower i mentioned earlier me and my dad are doing a project together, i found these amazing wooden ones and when i showed him hes like i can make that and save you a lot of money so we started that project today ill keep you updated it should be good I'm excited.
I really hate those tacky plastic towers i want a nice elegant wooden one.

I also notice i have ten new followers welcome kittens and thanks for following make sure to enter my cupcake give away I'm hosting its a few posts away and also
the lovely art of being mom blog is hosting one for me and a review right now


  1. I just came across your blog - you bake so many lovely looking things! Really enjoying reading your blog - can't wait for more! Polly x


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