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Ten Facts about me
(i decided to do random facts)

1. I went to college for three years for fashion design.
I always thought i knew what i wanted to do since i was little till i fell into this but iv never looked back. Though one day i still hold onto the dream of opening up a lingerie boutique . Hey who say's i can't do both lol (cupcakes and corsets).

2. My sense of style is very random and unique . I hate to call myself unique but when it comes to my style id say i am. My style is a mix of Blair Waldorf(gossip girl reference)and Dita Von Tesse . I love vintage and floral dress's anything that looks like your going to a tea party and i also love the dark elegant vintage pinup look that Dita and allot of other modern day pinups have.

3. I'm deathly afraid of Butterflies (and moths) . Yes i know "but they are so pretty" . Iv heard it a hundred times i just can't explain it and it wasn't always like that i just woke up one day and was terrified of them. But i do love spiders go figure!

4. Every man iv ever truely love i didn't even like at first.
The rare times i have been in love i would have never thought that i would if you would have asked me the first year of knowing them lol.

5. When i was 5 years old i went through a phase where i wanted to be a stripper.
Yes at five i knew what one was i just don't i fully grasped what it was all about .
I probably just thought hey i like dancing and a pole sounded fun lol.

6. I love gingers! I have a love for red heads ,guys and girls i can't explain it .
It started with the grungy looking guy on salute your shorts then lead to Seth Green ,Carrot top (yes i said it),Prince Harry and one of my favorite actresses Nicole Kidman. I don't wanna marry one or anything in fact iv only really dated one. I just adore them!

7. I don't like chocolate ,not really i know its weird but i don't really like chocolate only that horrible time of the month when for some reason i wanna eat a pound of it lol.

8. Im the queen of throwing parties. Iv been throwing dinner parties since i was about 15 nobody really appreciated them till now lol. I love throwing parties i love to cook and decorate any occasion to have people over and me to plan a party im up for i thought about being a wedding planner for awhile but i could not handle bridezillas lol.

9. One of my biggest idols thats still alive i should say is Martha Stewart.
She is honestly one of my favorite people ever shes so crafty and smart and as much as people say shes fake i disagree if you watch the show you can tell when she's not thrilled about having that guest on and its so funny to watch. Plus she created her own baking and crafting empire and then became even more popular after going to prison!

10. Im obssed with owls lol. It seems like these days everybody is but i can honestly say it started when i was just talking there was a painting in the family room my parents got before i was born and it hasn't stopped since i love collecting owl stuff vintage and new . I even have the painting that used to be in that house in my room now .


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