Dream Kitchen

I am not one those people that say oh i prefer a small quaint home,not not me.
I don't want a house i want an estate ! lol
The room i love most is the kitchen and i have an idea of my dream kitchen .
I would have to have it built for me i don't think my mix of styles would already be in a kitchen i could find in a house somewhere.
I like spending time in the kitchen and entertaining in the kitchen,so i want the kitchen to be very big and closed off i hate open kitchens.
Most importantly i want a big island in the middle and 2-3 ovens,a walk in pantry and a big window over the sink. I hate those big metal kitchens its to cold for me i want something more comfortable but still beautiful. Color green! lime or mint and i want those clear glass cabinets.
Here's some beauties i stumbled across on a google search.

A bar in the kitchen amazing!


  1. I would love each and every one of those kitchens, but love the second one with all the open space! Great for hosting a party.

  2. right! i lovee having parties and dinner parties any excuse to have people over and decorate and cook im in lol

  3. I would be in heaven in ANY of those beautiful kitchens. Sigh... someday, perhaps, I will have my very own dream kitchen.


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