Fall Shopping at anthropolgie

Here are some things id like to get for fall from one of my favorite stores .
key word like to get well see if i have the money lol


The coat and the hat are my top favorites!
I wanna go shopping!!!


  1. ohhhh that coat is simply gorgeous! This is a lovely wish list! I hope you treat yourself to a few of these! :)

  2. hi! I just discovered your blog and I'm following it, hope you don't mind:)

    ps. I'm redhead :P
    xx from madrid!

  3. Aw, thanks for your sweet comment! It's amazing how many ppl I'm meeting here that have the same thoughts as I do. I couldn't even imagine that when I decided to open my blog... I'm glad you had such an amazing experience in London, and we can understand each other:-)
    It's great what you're doing, your story. The wife of my cousin has a Chocolate shop! :) They moved from Madrid to a little city in the northwest of Spain (León) and they opened it on december 2oo8. It's something like a little Starbucks (since you can take away your coffee/chocolate drinks, chocolates, cakes, cookies, and so many more things!) but you can also have it there, only it's a little bit small because the idea is to take it away. :P But now in summer it's great because people can eat outside and eat/drink there. Everything is really delicious (I don't say it because they are my family, but seriously, it IS!:)). They have a facebook web, they only have some pics there but maybe next week I'll go and make more. :)


    Have a nice week-end!
    xx from Madrid!

  4. I love love loveeee anthropologie! and I love baking, so it seems we are quite alike!
    Happy Baking to you! :)
    -Mini Baker


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