Every time my grandma hears Frank Sinatra she cries.
Now let me tell you a bit more my grandmother is 96 and on good days she can barely remember who her daughters are but when she hears frank she starts to cry it reminds her of my grandfather who passed away going on 20 years this year.
As sad as this is i think there's something so sweet and romantic about it my grandfather was the love of her life and he treated her like a queen even before he had two penny's to rub together as they say.
I have this theory that love died with our parents and the generation after that ,people talk about how the divorce rate rose . I think as the world got lazy so did people i truly believe our grandparents generation really tried and worked hard at marriage and that's whats its supposed to be not just get divorced so quickly over silly things.
Granted not everybody is like this but I'm hoping since it seems our generation is starting families alot younger like they did then maybe we can be the ones to stop being lazy .
I don't know as sad as it is i hope to have that kinda love one day .
I would never in a million years want my boyfriend and one day husband to die but just that kind of love if that makes sense . This weekend my mother went away so i went to take care of my grandma and walked in on her crying and it just made me think of this whole rant.
I can be a huge cold bitch but i guess deep down I'm a romantic aren't we all?


  1. What a sweet grandmother. I enjoyed reading this post. You are a lovely writer.

  2. aww thank you so much that means alot to me i really do love writing i think thats why i love blogging so much


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