Ginger Love

I've had a fascination and thing for red heads since i was a little girl, the first red haired kid i liked was that creeper long haired red head on salute your shorts.
Ever since then Ive always thought red haired woman(most)were so beautiful and always wanted to date a red haired guy.
In fact i only ever dated two ,but non the less gingers are my favorite people.
My top favorite famous Red Haired beauties in order.

Alex Sim Wise
This raunchy and stunning English girl is my cup of tea!
She has a late night show over in the UK i absolutely love
any woman who can be raunchy and vulgar and still be sexy wins!

Shirley Manson
Scottish born singer /actress has been my idol since i got my first garbage CD in 5th grade .

Nicole Kidman
She is just a classy elegant stunning woman and amazing actress

Isla Fisher
I actually just found her while watching a movie and then realized she was in wedding crashers to! I lover her shes so funny and cute.

So all of this is leading up to I'm going red lol!!!
I grew my hair out to get it healthy again then chopped it off i haven't dyed it in months i need a change and I'm thinking red a more natural looking red not fire engine what do you guys think?, I may do it this weekend ...


  1. yayyyyy!!! I'm happy that you're going to become a fellow ginger^^ and yeah, go for a natural colour, I bet you'll look fantastic :)

  2. Ah I love red hair as well! So much so that I thought of transitioning from black to red hair last month. My hairstylist advised me against it (a red head herself)! I still haven't ruled it out! Have you seen pictures of British model turned vintage store owner Karen Elson?! She is a stunning red head!

  3. I think you should go for it! (If you haven't,already, haha)

    Shirley Manson! Oh man, I love her and Garbage. Haha, Salute your Shorts, what a classic Nickelodeon tv show! Ah, a trip down memory lane. Thank you, your fancyship. :)


  4. bahahhahhaa I thought I was the only one! I loved red heads growing up - gina davis, a few of my aunts had red hair, and I always wanted it! I canNOT be a redhead lol nope -post up your new red hair!

  5. your not alone lol i havnt had time to dye it but ill have pics up as soon as i do plus i have a new fascinator hat to show off as well lol


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