Happy Friday It Is

This morning started off a little stressful but its my first day off in weeks so i intend to try and relax and get some things done!
I started on redoing/renovating my room its much needed , i want a room i can relax and be happy in. I started by clearing out some stuff and moving things around and finally hanging some art.
This will most like be a long and slow process especially since I'm broke right now lol.
I picked a color to paint my room i have been obsessed with mint green and figured its just light enough but still vibrant and cheerful. I found a color in the Martha Stewart collection by valspar called Afternoon Delight how perfect of a name is that i love you Martha.
Its similar to this color:
If anybody knows any good design blogs i need some inspiration and also what colors go with mint aside from pinks and blues

Here's some cookies Ive done in the past few weeks hadn't had time to post them:

Birthday Warning
So from now till my birthday Sept 20Th ill probably be talking about the planning and such .
I'm a total plan ahead person and every year i try to make my birthday amazing for once and normally fail so hopefully this year we can change it.
Since my brokeness is an issue i am going to making my own cupcakes sadly i wanted to have someone do them for me but one i cant find one and two its probably better if i save money do it myself. So now I'm on a quest for a theme or ideas id really like to do a small cupcake tower with mint green but cant figure out what other color/colors to do.
I'm going to go search a lil now

Hope Everybody Has a good weekend!


  1. thanks! i just checked out your blog i cant wait to see your treats


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