When i was a little girl i always wanted to be french i don't that ever really changed lol, but in the past few years i started to learn more about my back round and culture.
I'm half Italian and half Filipino though if you looked at me i don't look either I'm pretty much look like your average white girl.
There are a few people that say i have a different look to me but Ive yet to see it.
I'm pretty much ashamed of the Italian part i think mostly because of the Italian Americans that populate NJ and NY area, the typical Guido.
My father and grandmother were both born in the Philippines i always remember my grandmother telling us stories about her life back there and growing up.
She has 9 brothers and sisters and one identical twin sister all of her family disowned her when she married my grandpa and move to the us its really sad to think about it.
In the past few years i started to learn more about the culture and id really like to visit one day.
She tried to teach me and my younger cousin Tagalog when we were little i really wish i would have cared to learn because its something different to know and now she doesn't even remember how to speak it.
I think both of my back round influence my cooking and baking and Ive discovered alot of great recipes and ways to cook things i didn't know before.
I still wouldn't say I'm proud of my heritage well at least not the Italian side but i do appreciated it alot more.
I asked my boyfriend his mainly to figure out how he got so handsome lol
He's polish English and french that explains it all i said,now i must learn to cook perogies .
(if anybody has a good recipe let me know lol)

So now id like to ask my fellow bloggers whats your heritage? where were you born? and are you proud of it I'm always curious to hear.
Goodnight for now my kittens !


  1. Italian and Filipino? That's a very cool mix of cultures! Isn't learning about your heritage the best? It sort of explains why you like certain things, huh?

    And thanks for such a great blog idea! Kateri and I have been racking our brains on something to write about to make our blog more personal! Kateri is mostly Irish, I think...I'm not too sure. I'll have to ask her again and I'm Mexican and Hungarian. We'll have to write something about us soon. Again thanks for the idea, your fanciship! :)


  2. Just stumbled upon yr blog & I thk yr post is interesting. I thk it is great that you're part Italian. It is so rich in its culture & history, and THE WHOLE WORLD eats pasta!! I only wish that I'm part Italian & living in Tuscany. LOL! I am of Chinese Peranakan or Baba Nyonya heritage from Malaysia and I'm so proud of it. Too long to intro my heritage to you here, but you can read it on my blog if you are interested to find out more abt it. Next mth I will talk about the fashion aspect of my heritage. :D I just can't wait!

  3. ill deff check that out ,im pretty sure im one of the only Italians who hates pasta i just cant stand the stuff bread i love! but no pasta

  4. and Jonathan Mexican and Hungarian that's definitely an odd mix as well

  5. Italy is a great place! Don't dudge the ppl because of their immigrants :-P I have lots of friends in Italy (my boyfriend is Italian too) and they are no way simmilar to the stereotypes we have outside... not everybody is like that:)
    I think if you'll visit some places in Italy such as Rome, the Tuscany, Venice, etc, you'll love it:) Anyway Asian & Italian is a cool mix:)

    xx :)

  6. Yes, indeed it is an odd mix, haha! All through out school teachers would try to get me to speak Spanish to the Mexicans that couldn't speak English. I was like, "Umm...I can't speak Spanish..."


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