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Monday i open back up my etsy shop im finally almost finished with all the orders i needed to catch up on .
Ive got load of Halloween stuff coming as well including pumpkin cupcakes made to look like pumpkins.
Here some of the new goodies that will be in the shop come Monday!
Chocolate Mint Truffles
Mini Red Velvet Cupcakes

So its all rainy and gloomy today , i have a wedding to cater tonight she wanted to have an outdoor garden wedding i feel bad she wont get to have that.
Well I'm off to frost cupcakes
tootles kittens


  1. They are all so beautiful and look delicious! I think I would have a hard time not eating everything I baked....I love to bake but rarely do, as about half of whatever I am making actually ends up in the oven instead of my mouth! :)

  2. thanks your so sweet
    lol i tend to not eat to much of what i bake thankfully but when i cook regular food thats what gets me ill end up eating that so when i do cook i try and keep it healthy

  3. Oh my- I think I need to make some cupcakes myself right now. Everything looks as delicious as it does beautiful!

  4. ...I can't stop drooling! OOOOh those look DELICIOUS!! I especially love the little ghostie cookie...hehe, he's cute! And, hey, your graphics update is snazzy! I love your new color's so Rococo!

    -Kateri Joe

  5. Everything looks so pretty!! So, I do interviews every Friday and I think you would be perfect for one of my Interviews. Let me know if you would want to do it and I can email you the pics. Send me an email at, if you up too it!!


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