New Surprise For my Followers

Each month I'm going to choose at random one of my followers and send them a special care package with treats from both my shops.
Its going to be a complete surprise I'm not going to post who gets it you'll just get a random message from me ill be picking this months follower/blogger on Tuesday so look out for a special email!


  1. What a fun giveaway!!

    I will be planning a baby shower this fall, and cannot wait to get some of those adorable baby shower cookies....I was waiting for an excuse to buy a bunch of sweet treats from you!! :)

  2. aww thanks id love to make you some amazing cookies for the shower and ill give you a great deal since your sweet. Just be sure to let me know in advance im pretty much booked into sept already lol

  3. That sounds severely awesome! I love the idea, too.

    Wait a sec, you make corsets, too? Always wanted one! That's just too cool.

    As for my contest, just comment on Foodette on the Road, one of my post titles, with a cool place to eat in your hometown. Whatever you consider your local specialty. I'm always looking for places to travel!


  4. lol noo i dont make corsets where did you see that i wish i did that would be amazing oh if your referring to my blog title i was a fashion majored i majored in lingerie design


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