Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday Morning Track One

Last Sunday was one of those days where you just wake up and know its not going to be okay. Just one of those mornings .
Awhile for no reason or special occasion my boyfriend gave me a CD case full of burned Cd's that i had wanted from his collection but also 3 mixed Cd's one classic rock and 2 early 90s alternative rock.
The moment i heard both Cd's fully i couldn't have been any more in love with him with each song i got to my face just lit up even more .
He had only knew for a fact i liked about 4 songs on there the rest were his choice for me. I guess you could say I'm a sucker for music but in my eyes it really made me fall even more in love with him.
So i turned the CD on at first just sitting and listening to it and as each song came on i found myself getting happier and happier ,it had completely turned my dreary sad Sunday around.
Here are the tracks on both Cd's minus a few songs(sorry or the long list)

1. The Wallflowers :One head light
2.The Spin Doctors :Two princes
3.Third Eye Blind:Semi Charmed
4.Garbage :Special
5.Eagle Eye Cherry:Save Tonight <3>
6.Blind Melon:No Rain
7.The Counting Crows:Mr Jones
8.The presidents of the united states:Video killed the radio star
9.Toadies:Possum Kingdom
11.Butthole surfers:Pepper
12:Mazzy Star:Fade into you
13.Semisonic:Closing Time
14.Blessed Union of soul:She likes me for me
15.Everclear :Santa Monica
16.Better Than Ezra: Desperately wanting
17.Spin Doctors:Little miss cant be wrong
18.Hootie and the blowfish:I go blind
19.The gin blossoms: Hey jealousy
20.R.E.M:end of the world
I love you boyfriend your fucking awesome !

So for those who don't know I'm a total sucker for the early-mid nineties i remember watching clueless thinking i cant wait to go to college men in plaid coffee houses and alt rock what else could you want. Instead when i got to college it was frat parties and the date rape drug had just come out .
Josh from clueless was the perfect man in my eyes back then.
Now its just Paul Rudd himself lol


  1. Seeing those all classics made me smile! What a good find .....

  2. ya i love these glad it makes someone else smile as well


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