The trick is to keep breathing

In the words of the garbage song
"The trick is to keep breathing"
I know it sounds kinda silly but that song and that line has helped me out time and time again.
I'm jam packed with orders this weekend and frankly till Sept which is a good thing except I'm a one woman show so it gets kinda hard doing it all yourself.
I've been thinking about hiring an assistant but here lies the problems .
1. I'm super picky and anal about the way i do things I'm a perfectionist so trying to hire someone would be a challenge. I end up taking more time trying to teach them the right way to do it lol.
2. I may have alot of business right now but I'm super broke starting a business is costly and it takes a while before you really see profit from it so right now everything goes right back in.
Those are the 2 major problems i would have but I'm really not sure ,id love some advice from anybody who has been in this situation or just anybody really.

Fall Treats Update !!
Halloween is my favorite holiday in fact i wanna get married on Halloween yes i know its cliche but for years i always hid the "weird" side of me so Halloween was my favorite time because i could let it all out. Now that i am more grown up i embrace the weird side and merged the creepy girl and the girly girl who loves tea and tea parties to become The Fancy Lady i am today.
But Halloween still remains my favorite holiday (sorry for the emo rant lol)
So in the next 2 weeks ill be making 3-4 new cupcake flavors for the fall!!
and also an assortment of fall and Halloween cookies which ill be having an early Halloween cookie giveaway at the end of this month!!!
So i wanna hear what you guys wanna see shapes of cookies and flavors of cupcakes??
Who knows maybe the new flavor will be named after you!


  1. Reminds me of a mantra my Mom always used to keep. When things got chaotic she would say "In with the good air, out with the bad" taking deep breaths. Odly enough Halloween is her favorite holiday!

    I can't believe that fall is almost upon us. Pumpkin seems like an obvious flavor suggestion. But, nothing says fall to me like spiced apple cider - I wouldnt mind seeing someone create a spiced apple cider cupcake hehe!
    As for colors you can't beat the red-orange and golds of those autumn leaves :) Goodluck getting through this busy time

  2. Oh my gosh......I love sweet tooth's idea of a spiced apple cider flavor! Personally, I love the combination of pumpkin, spices, and chocolate!

  3. Yummy cider - great idea to mix the too.


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