Wedding Convention

Yesterday was the wedding my first wedding convention .
I was super stressed and nervous esp since in the days leading up i have been swamped with orders. I didn't get to do the grand cupcake tower i wanted to do but the small cute one i threw together in just enough time was a big hit. I was up at 7 am making all the samples and display cupcakes and getting everything ready by the nights end i was exhausted.
It was the elegant bridal expo at the Renaissance hotel in Rutherford NJ it was really nice .
I got there and set up and my friend Justin was my assistant fancy lady for the night.
I snapped a few pictures but ill have better ones in a few days.
I didn't book any orders yesterday but i met allot of future brides and clients allot of great girls and actually met allot of great vendors as well overall i had a really great time and think it was a success I'm already planning my next one!


  1. I'm happy everything went fine!!! I just could read it now:)

  2. I'm thinking about doing my first wedding convention in San Diego in October, although its pretty pricey for a booth, so I can't decide is its worth it or not!
    Any advice? Or things I should bring if in case I do decide to do it?
    Your cupcakes looked darling by the way :)
    -Mini Baker


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