Weekend Adventure

One of my favorite things to do is go on adventures in my book that means drive around aimlessly finding amazing new places .
I had been feeling pretty down lately so Saturday we decided to head over to this antique shop we had seen before and also go for a little drive since its over an hour away.
It was a beautiful day out in the morning but when we ventured out of course it got dreary.
None the less we went to Warwick NY hidden behind main street is another street it kinda reminds me on the shops in Savannah in the cute pretty parts.
Also we headed over to sugar loaf which used to be this amazing village started by hippies but now is slowly going to shit. It makes me sad if i lived around there i would rent space and open up a shop its for lease and when talking to one of the shop people they thought it would be a good idea for a young person to open something there.
Its kinda a forgotten town someone my age or just anyone who knows how to get out the word could reopen that place to be what it used to be...
Oh well maybe one day
For now i leave you with pics i took that day also the mural is my favorite its painted onto a barn on a back road i don't know who did it but i finally took a pic!


  1. That mural is pretty darn cool! I love going for long drives with my boyfriend too, very relaxing, so long as he is doing the driving!


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