A bedroom inside a bedroom

Yesterday we ventured over to ABC home furniture store now its literally around the corner from my moms house but ive only been there once.
We had some time to kill so i said lets go check it out so i can show you guys what the title means lol.
I saw this last time i was there its like a bedroom that goes in your bedroom.
Its has to tables built into it and you step into it to get to the bed part.
Its quite frankly the coolest thing ive ever seen if this came in more of a vintage victorian look or pretty much anything but this middle eastern Asian theme going on i would snatch one up when i got the money.
I'm not really a fan of that style of home decor

and here is some more stuff i really liked
who doesnt want some orange shag carpet
I love love this makeup table i accidentally caught the lady behind me in the pic lol

This is my favorite piece in the whole store i would love my whole house to have this theme going on i love it!
Now i love this store but theres nothing under a grand furniture wise in there so i won't be shopping there anytime soon but if you wanna check it out heres the web site.
www.abchome.com You can shop online as well.

After that we drove around some cute towns and while stopped at a light i saw this house to the right and snapped a pic I really liked it ,it would make a great starter home lol.
Ive always wanted a huge wrap around porch this one has a half one.


  1. I was at a festival yesterday and the town is LOADED WITH wrap around homes, it is BEAUTIFUL! you can make a "Cubby Bed" which is certainly very similar..I love them to but am also not a fan of that style.

  2. ohhhh I just love that vanity and that last striped piece! They are beautiful!

  3. I really love that chandelier! Lighting is my favorite design element! :)

  4. That chandelier is too fun! And a wraparound porch is part of my dream house too. : )


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