Buy One Get one free Bows and This day called labor day

Good Morning Everybody and Happy labor day even though i have no idea why we have labor day nor do i care just another stupid American holiday we get the day off for.
But i do not have the day off lol I have 50 rubber ducks to ice and 36 other assorted cookies to make. My" family " i use that term loosely i refuse to believe i am related to such creatures are having a BBQ which ill be sure to steer clear of lol .

One of my favorite things are bows i love them on stuff and in my hair i just cant resist. I started making my own flower clips about 2 years ago when they were still hard to find and then ventured into bows . I have a second shop that's closed while i create more products but i decided to have a little Bow Bogo event today in light of the fact my bed is covered in a plethora of ribbon and id like to share. So all hair bows large and small are buy one get one free!
I also have a few flower clips which will be buy one get one bow free.
Prices will be $4 for bows and $5 for flower clips and shipping on both items is $2.
You can use paypal to pay.
The pictures of the bows are bad quality just some i made last night i have over 30 patterns and colors to choose from and as for flowers i also have an orange Gerber daisy and a light pink one as well. Send me an email with what colors you like and ill send you a pic if the ribbon to choose from. I can put them on clips or ponytail holders the non metal kind you choose!
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  1. i love the flowers! very pretty :)
    -Mini Baker

  2. Love the bows!!! Pretty post layout also :)

    Thanks for the sweet blog comment. Oh, how I would love a huge Victorian bow. I couldn't saw no to a lovely bow made by you, they are all so darling.

  3. aww thanks ladies and bug im gunna email you now with some info

  4. Gorgeous bows! I'm such a fan, too. I feel like I could put them on everything :)

  5. Awwwwwww, the one of the flower is SO PRETTY! I love it:)

    xx from Madrid honey


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