Dr. Spencer Reid and Macaron Dreams

I used to watch the show criminal minds like it was my job lol.
Ive always been really interested in criminal psychology and serial killers so when this show came out i was really into and it also introduced me to a face i had actually seen before but didn't click right away . Matthew Gray Gubler aka on the show Dr. Spencer Reid the only real psychologist on the show . His character is this amazing smart genius the typical dorky guy ,i love the wardrobe they put on him you striped socks cardigans loafers converse thick black glasses I'm in love .
I wouldn't normally go for someone like this but his character just really attracts me and lets face it hes hot . Now heres where i saw him before he was actually a male model and my aunt worked for tommy hilfigure where he was modeling at the time . He's actually really smart off screen as well he went to the tish school of arts for film directing he has some really funny videos on youtube just search his name. Also heres a fun fact the song Mr. Brightside is rumored to be written about him since he stole the singers g/f lol.

Okay enough dork loving i had a dream last night i made macarons .
Ive only tried once before i managed to get the cake/cookie part right which is said to be the hard part but screwed up the filling . So i decided I'm going to give it a go again saturday for my birthday on sunday . I wanna hear your ideas for flavors ???
If i succeed ill do a tutorial and recipe


  1. Wow macaroon's are one of my favourites! I love so many flavours! I had pistachio once and that was lovely, or vanilla. Those blue ones look amazing - what flavour? Blueberry?

    Polly x

  2. I love Criminal Minds!!!

    Only macaroons i've ever made are the coconut kind.

  3. Ooh! I am craving macarons and really want to make some, such great pics! Have a sweet weekend! x

  4. Try passionfruit. That would be good


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