eek I'm excited

It's almost 1 am and i was looking through the Halloween gift guides on etsy and there were my cookies! I've never been featured in a gift guide that was picked by the etsy team I'm really excited so i tried to copy and paste the whole page but I'm not that educated in the computer tricks so all i managed was this lol

This made my weekend esp since it was pretty crappy before that tomorrow I'm going to some farms where i used to live and apple pic ill be sure to post pics I'm excited for that 2!


  1. hi beauty! how are you??? I hope everything's ok. I miss reading your blogs during the week but I can't find the time to do it with the job, so I'm reading allllllllll the posts now :)
    I miss you and really hope everything's ok!

    your last post with that interview was very interesting!

    xxx from madrid!!!:)


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