Fancy Ladys Birthday Pics

So Sunday turned out to be a beautiful day no rain lol.
I had a really good time and it was nice to have all my friends together for the first time in along time i really miss my girls .
Decorations and decor weren't as nice as i had planned for but a didnt have alot of time i was really dissapointed in my cupcakes i wanted to do so much more to them but they tasted really good i made little fondant macarons and owls and made some royal icing roses and the owl atop the cupcake tower was one of my birthday presents .
I also gave my friends the first batch of fancy lady t shirts which they modeled for me there will be 2 designs to chose from and i found a great seller to make them for me for a fantastic price so they will only be $12 a piece sizes s-xl.
(if you wanna preorder one for only $10 send me a me email or leave me a comment)
Sorry for all the pics ill post some more with me in them when i get a chance to upload them


  1. Those shirts are sp cute! Can I ask where you bought them/ the name of seller?!
    Love those pale purple cupckes!!
    -Mini Baker :)

  2. ah! those owl cakes are the sweetest things.

  3. I love the colours on this and your blogs are all V interesting xx

  4. wow, everything looks so beautiful, and the colours are perfect!


  5. Ur owl cookies are SO fabulous! I want one!! ANd- Did ya'll make mimosas?! I'm drinking the 'Simply Orange' juice RIGHT NOW! It's like drinking candy to me!
    AND- I think ur cupcakes are SUPER cute-the owl AND the flowers! Did u make them with fondant or gum paste?!
    Wish I could have been there, and I KNOW my b-day won't have as much "Martha Stewart on the most fabulous acid trip ever" aspects as urs! MAGICAL!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, again!!! :)


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