Free Cupcakes and True Blood

I need a willing participant this week I'm going to be making cream cheese frosting filled red velvet cupcakes and i need a test victim to make sure they ship well you ll be getting 4 cupcakes to try 2 filled and 2 frosting then dipped in chocolate i wanna see how these do in the shipping process so just leave a comment on here with your email address and ill put some names in a hat and pick one and don't forget to enter to win the cookie giveaway for this month!

Okay onto my favorite show ever
True Blood
I freaking love this show I'm addicted I'm catching up on episodes now i love Anna paquin in this actually i love her in general yay Rouge ! I probably spelled that wrong lol . I love vampire bill hes so perfect hes the perfect boyfriend lol but then theres Eric oh man hes got my bad boy fix and the wounded thing going on .
What do you guys think who's your pulse less dream boat

I love Eric's greenish eyes that gets me they are almost as green as the boyfriends .


  1. I'll be a victim :) becksorange at gmail

    Ok so I love love love True Blood! It's my most favorite! Do you know there's an entire series of books, which True Blood is based on? Oh yes and I've read all 9 of them! :) The sookie stackhouse series! I think they are better than True Blood! They are a bit different, TrueBlood changes them alil, but both are awesome! Go buy them, you will love them! And you will love love Eric once you read them, you'll be like Bill who? ;)

  2. Cupcakes? Yes, please!
    theresadiehl at gmail dot com

    I don't have cable TV so I can't watch True Blood until it comes out on DVD. I watched Season 1 via Netflix a couple months ago. I liked the show, except for Bill's terrible accent. LOL

  3. ya well hes british in real life i think he should use his real voice it would be soo much sexier lol and becky thanks for the tip now il be addicted to the books now 2 lol

  4. You are already sending me a lovely bow, so I feel selfish trying to win this delicious opportunity, I will let someone else win. Hmmm... I bet they taste delicious!!

  5. Hey there! I can't believe that sweater is sold out already!! It was there last night - nooooooooo! :(


  6. YAY!!! YUMMY!!! I feel so spoiled, I can't wait to try them! Thanks :)

  7. oh my! People would be crazy not to volunteer and enter!! Red velvet and chocolate are my two favorite things in the whole entire world!!!

    My email is

  8. I totally watched "True Blood' on-line illegally last night! I LOVE it! HOTNESS!!!! R u excited for ur b-day?!!

  9. I am so lucky to have watched all two seasons, and I adored every single episode! I love the chemistry and the messed up plot lines! The humour is fantastic, and ooooh the sex and blood lust is SO hot!


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