french owl laduree hookah smoking garden tea birthday part

Yes talk about incorperating all those into one party but i shall do it and take lots and lots of pictures. Please if you pray ,pray for no rain for sept 20th lol.
I have been in a money slump lately so had to cancel my philly birthday trip .
As i was just about to get sad about it eureka! I got it ill have a pretty garden tea party outside in the back yard. I wasn't going to get rid the lauree /owl scheme so i threw it in the mix, and who doesn't love a little hookah with your momosa on a nice sunday afternoon!
I'm also going to try and make a cupcake tower in the shape of laduree boxes mint green of course and have a bunch of pretty flowers all over the table i found these awesome ideas for table ideas at Actually that had alot of amazing ideas

I wanna get poppy flowers but i dont know how red would look with mint green


  1. That party sounds great! If I was nearby, I would totally crash :)

  2. Sounds like it will be some party!! I hope it all works out for you. Happy early bday sweetie!!



  3. What a fun birthday idea!

    As for the deviated septum....I seriously have had absolutely no pain from it!! It is crazy.... I thought that the deviated septum would hurt really bad, and the tonsils would be tolerable, but it is completely the opposite! I had no bruising, swelling, or pain from getting my deviated septum fixed (just a little bleeding the first few days), but I am in agony from getting my tonsils removed. I say go for it (regarding getting your septum fixed)! I can already breathe a lot better! :)


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