Horror Movie Friday and Question of the day

So i had today off as well and since i spent my day off yesterday working more i literally decide to do nothing today but have a horror/slasher film day by myself and do some laundry as well very exciting lol . I also decided to do a little horror/murder etsy picks as well.
I searched horror ,slasher,murder ect and these were my faves.

1.Earrings are by one of my favorite bloggers and you can find them at :

2. Awesome Leather Face inspired mask:

3.Amazing looking doll like creatures :

4.Jigsaw doll :

5.Amazing art print:

So far today Ive watched the last house on the left i really did like the new one and i also watched the remake. Right now I'm about to go watch Texas chainsaw massacre the one with Matthew mcconaughey that everyone forgets about lol. Then one of the Halloweens not sure yet and I'm not sure as far as the rest of the night I'll check out hulu and see whats new id love to watch something new so if anybody has any suggestions throw them my way.
Okay now its time for ...

The Question Of The Day
What would you do to save the life of the person you loved most?
Would you kill somebody or better yet would you give your life for theirs?
(Okay i know these are fu@ked up but I'm talking about slasher horror movie circumstances )
I wanna hear your answers


  1. Thank you very very much! You have no idea how appreciated this is.

  2. I scrolled down the page and was very frighted, lol!! Sounds like a fun day! Hope you have an even better weekend.



  3. Love this post. Hope you had a horrific day watching gruesome movies. Thanks so much for featuring my kitty, though she seems a bit tame compared to the other creepy items!

    Yep, I'de kill someone to save a loved one, chop their head right off!!

  4. Wow, I absolutely LOVE the 3rd pic, thanks for sharing the link because I'll visit them, I'm already visiting 3rd link and it's simply amazing! "Clara The Ghost of Burgundy" is just so amazing... What a pity it's so expensive:(

    And to answer your question yes, I would give the life for my nieces, they are the ppl I love the most:)

    Hope everything's ok dear
    xx from Madrid

  5. Sounds like a fun day! See my Saturday's post for where to buy Lisbeth Dahl's cake plates, Have a sweet day! x

  6. HELLO! It's been rudely TO LONG..my AWESOME cupcakes came at the perfect moment, I had been at a really low spot and it made my day, please bookmark my blog as I walk through the wonderful arrival of your gift!THey tasted wonderful and presentation was at it's finest!

  7. R they playing 'Paranormal Activity' in NJ?! I'm SO freakin excited that they are gonna open that one in Houston soon! I will BE there!!
    and-I'm totally in love with those earrings!! :)


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