Id like to runaway

Id like to win the lottery tomorrow of course , I'd run away and never come back but don't worry ill start a new blog under my new idenity as Anastasia Beaverhouse (anybody who knows where thats from gets a cookie ) lol .
Id buy a big old townhouse overlooking Hyde park in London.
Id open up a cupcake shop and spend my off days going to Harrods and spending hours at laduree trying all the macaroon flavors then head over to post card teas for the most amazing tea ever .
At night ill wander around exploring how beautiful quiet London seems at night id walk under the eye and then across tower bridge.
Id like to run away to London


  1. Funny post! :) Anastasia Beaverhouse?! <-- that made me laugh so hard! Sadly, I don't know where that's from, but either way I laughed, haha.

    By the way, all of your lil' goodies were AWESOME! And I hardly have a sweet-tooth. :)


  2. This sounds exquisite!! My husband and I always talk about what we would do if we would win the lottery, and besides obviously traveling the world, we would want to live in a little beach community and surf all day everyday! Ohhhh, to be without responsibilities!

    I am so excited to finally order from your cute store!! My friend finds out the gender of her baby tomorrow, so I should be placing an order tomorrow over the weekend! :)

  3. don't forget to invite me when you are in london lollll:):))))

    xxx honey


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