Leproust Vintage Giveaway and AA lol

First things first one of my favorite blogs is having a giveaway from her awesome vintage shop so i The Fancy Lady advises you to go check it out and enter lol

Now AA i don't mean alcoholics anonymous i have my own problem i think i need aprons anonymous lol . I love love love aprons i have 6 already and growing so today i decided to show off some of my etsy picks for aprons. I still have not found the perfect Halloween apron but i think I'm going to have one made when i get some extra money.

This lovely plaid apron is from :

This beautiful floral print is from :
love the name i love all things fancy!

Adorable wristlet and awesome Christmas print apron are from a new shop favorite of mine:

And last but not least my favorite apron shop and maker :
I Love sock monkeys funny enough i hate real monkeys but monkey of sock i love lol
This is the apron she created for me i loveeee beetle juice and had wanted an apron i fu@king love it !


  1. hi dear! how are you??? hope everything's ok:)
    everything's lovely on the pics! I'll take a look at them when I'll have more time lol:)
    just wanted to say hi:)


  2. I just checked out "Domestic Dolls" etsy and OMG she makes the CUTEST aprons! (putting it on my christmas list right now!)
    -Mini Baker :)

  3. right they are so cute maybe i can get her to do a giveaway ive already got one apron giveaway in the works im excited for

  4. I love the beetlejuice inspired apron!

    Thanks for reposting my giveaway....I have you entered x3!! :) I loved reading the story behind your fox fur cape....how amazing that your grandmother's name is embroidered in it!

  5. In response to your Halloween horror necklace inquiry I put this together with you in mind <3:


  6. Those are all so awesome! I love the first one - it's so shapely!


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