Macaron Day

After a very stressful past few days dealing with being broke and nasty harassing customers i have the next 2 days off so I'm going to make some french macarons I'm going to make blueberry and mint not together lol .
Here's some pretty cookies i made this week

These are part of my couture collection for etsy.
If macarons go well I'm going to start selling them on etsy as well


  1. I love these.. so pretty and delicious-looking!

  2. Oh, I'm so sorry you had to deal with icky customers!!! I've learning a lot these days to find confidence in me and to trust the truth I know...I hope you are feeling strong and not defeated!! You are talented and great! Take care of you!!!

  3. thanks guys and thanks for the little confidence boost i'm trying to stay strong i keep telling myself i haven't come this far just to give up now

  4. Yummy - macaroon day is great! Love the cute baby image on them.

  5. OMG! Let me know if ur gonna do macaroons! I love them as much as cupcakes, but I'm afraid to make them in this oven cuz they're so tempermental-I need a new oven!! Those cookies look so cute! Do u use just royal frosting?! Urs look hella better than mine!!! :)


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